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Marc Bekoff, PhD Biography

Former Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado and author of The Emotional Lives of Animals
Con to the question "Should Animals Be Used for Scientific or Commercial Testing?"

“There is no reason to continue to use nonhuman animals for scientific or commercial testing. There are ample non-animal alternatives that are readily available that are just as good or better in the Ethical, Economical, and Educational arenas. Many teachers and researchers agree with this point of view.”

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Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Cognitive ethologist
  • Former Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado
  • Fellow, Animal Behavior Society
  • Roving Ambassador, Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots program
  • Former Guggenheim Fellow
  • Co-founder, Ethologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals: Citizens for Responsible Animal Behavior Studies, 2000
  • Faculty member, Humane Society University
  • Member, Advisory Board, Animal Defenders
  • Member, Advisory Board, Laboratory Primate Advocacy Group
  • Member, Advisory Board, Project Coyote
  • Member, Advisory Board, Living with Wolves
  • Member, Advisory Board, Greenvegans
  • Member, Advisory Council, National Museum of Animals & Society
  • Member, Scientific Expert Advisory Panel, Voiceless: The Animal Protection Institute
  • Patron, Captive Animals’ Protection Society
  • PhD, school and date unknown
  • Recipient, St. Francis of Assisi Award, Auckland (New Zealand) SPCA, 2009
  • Recipient, Bank One Faculty Community Service Award, 2005
  • Recipient, Exemplar Award, Animal Behavior Society (for major long-term contributions to the field of animal behavior), 2000
  • Honorary member, Animalisti Italiani
  • Honorary member, Fundacion Altarriba
  • Honorary board member, Rational Animal
  • Featured in TIME magazine, Life magazine, US News and World Report, New York Times, New Scientist, BBC Wildlife, Orion, Scientific American, Ranger Rick, and National Geographic Kids
  • Featured on 48 Hours (CBS), CNN, Good Morning America (ABC), 20/20 (ABC), NPR, BBC, FOX, National Geographic Society’s “Play: The Nature of the Game” and “Hunting in America,” Discovery TV’s “Why Dogs Smile and Chimpanzees Cry,” Animal Planet’s “The Power of Play,” and PBS Nature’s “Why We Love Cats and Dogs” and “Animal Odd Couples”
  • First American to win his age-class at the Tour du Haut Var bicycle race (also known as the Master’s/age-graded Tour de France), 1986
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