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Number of Animals Used for Testing

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The table below lists the animals used for testing in the United States during fiscal years 2019 – 2021. The USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service collected the data in the “Research Facility Annual Usage Summary Report.”

The animals are listed as the research facilities reported to the USDA, thus some are listed “species unknown” or an animal called by two names may appear twice in the list.

The list is divided into a few categories:

  • animals held but not used for testing
  • animals used for testing that experienced no pain as a result of the test
  • animals used for testing that may cause pain but the animals were given pain medication or other management before, during, and/or after the test, and
  • animals used for testing that may cause pain but the animals’ pain was not mediated.

Animals not covered by the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) were excluded by the USDA, including cold-blooded animals (such as reptiles and most fish), farm animals used for food, and birds, rats, and mice specifically bred for use in research. For more information on the animals included below, see ProCon’s Glossary: Animals Used in Animal Testing.

Animalanimals held, not used for testinganimals used for testing, experienced no painanimals used for testing, pain minimizedanimals used for testing, pain not minimizedtotals of each animal kept or used for testing
Addra gazelle30003
African dormouse851500100
African elephant5420047
African pygmy mouse024610247
African soft-furred rat / multimammate mouse1,6835912362,303
African swamp rat00101
African yellow house bat013600136
Allegheny woodrat024000240
Allen's short-tailed bat17723200409
alpine chipmunk180800809
Alston's brown mouse / short-tailed singing mouse211,35426001,635
American beaver0245450290
American bison3866140883
American black bear0929038
American deer mouse223000223
American false vampire bat1522500177
American least shrew01,790001,790
American marten02373096
American mink080313714954
American pika0123015
American pine vole01,62122501,846
American pygmy shrew0430043
American red squirrel0864600924
American water shrew021351369
Angolan soft-furred fruit bat / Angolan fruit bat00101
Antarctic fur seal0460260486
arctic ground squirrel / arctic souslik0371730210
arctic shrew0230023
arctic souslik731112600444
Arizona cotton rat3,2731,386285725,016
Armenian hamster / migratory hamster9342700961
ARS birds (birds used for ARS facility research purposes)0680086
ARS fish (fish used for ARS facility research purposes)02002
ARS mice (mice used for ARS facility research purposes)1931391959536
ARS rats (rats used for ARS facility research purposes)036203288
Asian elephant13220035
Asiatic black bear4837110159
Asiatic brush-tailed porcupine10001
Aztec aeermouse0350035
Bailey's pocket mouse09009
banner-tailed kangaroo rat819590212
Barbary ground squirrel283522085
Barbary sheep0270027
bare-tailed woolly opossum0300030
beach mouse026400264
bearded seal24006
beluga whale435500359
big brown bat1292,18093982,500
big-eared opossum00505
bighorn sheep (& hybrid)9913919625459
black-and-rufous elephant shrew00505
black-banded squirrel01001
black rhinoceros861015
black-footed ferret108411,343912,285
black-shouldered opossum0101112
black-tailed jack rabbit0270027
black-tailed prairie dog1861,64965702,492
blind mole rate05005
blue whale0140014
Botta's pocket gopher0102012
Bottlenose dolphin2301120315
Brazilian free-tailed bat10322490381
Brow-antlered deer / Eld's deer141223049
brown bear066580124
brown long-eared bat02305
brush mouse01553068
Bryant's woodrat0620062
Burchell’s / Grant’s / Chapman’s / Plains zebra40004
bushy-tailed woodrat10345049
cactus mouse38665819701,241
Cairo spiny mouse3953142825879
California bat0400040
California mouse3,8964,1422,3521110,401
California pocket mouse09784801,026
California rock squirrel016370170
California sea lion2448261801,124
California vole35752516301,045
Canadian lynx21003
canyon mouse0140014
cape ground squirrel0190019
cape Porcupine30003
Caribbean manatee0914023
cattle / cow / ox / watusi2,30415,9844,5264022,854
cave myotis040200402
Central American cacomistle50005
chinchilla (domesticated)631892,2825003,034
Chinese hamster133000133
cliff chipmunk00167
colonial tuco-tuco0545100555
common eland02002
common marmoset22186310239
common mole-rat766000766
common tree shrew71691863491,674
common vampire bat0009292
cotton deermouse2651531330551
dairy cow411,29923001,570
Damara / Damaraland mole-rat / Damaraland blesmol1,218111501,334
deer (wild/exotic)2434000364
deer mouse13,56325,9433,27130343,080
desert cottontail rabbit0113014
desert kangaroo rat17234660317
desert pocket mouse0540054
desert woodrat017900179
domestic derret3,00712,80910,3702,59428,780
domestic goat5,42818,85512,129136,413
domestic guinea pig00000
domestic horse8557,5994,69029613,440
domestic pig / potbelly pig / micro pig01001
domestic rabbit / European rabbit15550070
donkey / burro / ass216615860917
Douglas's squirrel010000100
dromedary camel213900141
Dulzurra kangaroo rat81,814601,828
dusky shrew09009
dusky-footed woodrat0210021
dwarf sperm whale01001
eastern chipmunk243,2269443,303
eastern cottontail rabbit6760183
eastern fox squirrel1032360339
eastern grey kangaroo20002
eastern grey squirrel133314837519
eastern mole0100010
eastern pipistrelle0160016
eastern shrew-mouse0035035
eastern Spotted skunk01115026
eastern woodrat0961360232
Egyptian fruit bat710334208111,263
Elliots short-tailed shrew014610147
Eurasian common shrew01,811001,811
European common vole2,4078,3121,96534613,030
European mink3922764167776
evening bat019200192
fallow deer20002
false killer whale05005
fat sand rat0660066
fat-tailed dunnart3700037
fat-tailed dwarf lemur02002
four-striped grass mouse9441863901,169
four-toed hedgehog51739061
fringed bat0120012
fulvous harvest mouse0580058
Gambian pouched rat / northern giant pouched rat021400214
Gappers red-backed vole0263370300
golden mouse01001
golden-mantled ground squirrel0147500197
Grant's zebra20002
grassland rat2741025350911
gray fox / grey fox31101800293
gray wolf / grey wolf / timber wolf038910129
great basin pocket mouse7400074
greater bushbaby0200020
greater Madagascar hedgehog tenrec20002
greater white-toothed shrew00404
Grevy's zebra30003
grey four-eyed opossum0012012
grey red-backed vole0170017
grey seal01081620270
grey short-tailed opossum7,5231,7251,8042811,080
grey whale03003
grizzly bear0049049
ground squirrel385840422481,695
groundhog / woodchuck812011,026121,320
Guadalupe fur seal01001
Guinea pig49,677373,21375,81584,599583,304
Gunnison's prairie dog0370037
hairy-tailed mole02002
harbor seal108980107
Harris's antelope squirrel0200020
Hawaiian monk seal141190421
heather vole02002
hispid cotton rat4,7314,3695,15917714,436
hispid pocket mouse0390039
hoary bat0870087
horse (wild)044820126
house mouse / lab mouse (common research variety)3,9932,6836,8731,26014,809
house shrew128172520352
humpback whale013700137
Idaho ground squirrel04844597
Indian grey mongoose03604480
Indian muntjac07007
Indian rhinoceros10001
Indiana myotis0650065
Jamaican fruit-eating bat / Jamaican fruit bat563245320840
Javan wild pig031000310
Kemp’s spiny mouse0048048
killer whale0490049
large mouse-eared bat05005
Largha seal07007
least chipmunk0371580195
least weasel01001
leopard seal0030030
lesser Egyptian jerboa162141910394
lesser kudu1900019
lesser Madagascar hedgehog tenrec01001
lesser mouse lemur0790079
little brown bat01,483514662,000
little pocket mouse929400303
lodgepole chipmunk514500150
Long-Evans Rat583980105
long-footed bat01001
long-nosed bat1800018
long-tailed pocket mouse09009
long-tailed weasel0190019
lump-nosed bat0140014
marsh rice rat1,0415801741111,906
masked shrew037869393
meadow jumping mouse9661100707
meadow vole142930262361,370
melon-headed whale08008
Merriam's kangaroo rat020600206
Mexican long-eared bat0133016
minke whale06006
Mongolian gerbil1,9124,3024,90116011,275
Mongolian vole0280028
mountain beaver01001
mouse (wild/exotic)1,3041,3441831022,933
mule deer211454980664
naked mole-rat22,3051,51170718024,703
New England cottontail rabbit0310031
Nile lechwe30003
Nile rat1,0031,08676302,852
nine-banded armadillo7838980214
non-human primates123,482129,83474,6603,533331,509
North American black bear1114625452463
North American porcupine0911092
North American river otter71517039
North Atlantic right whale05005
northern bog lemming02002
northern elephant seal04,0922604,118
northern flying squirrel0163260189
northern fur seal68,299008,305
northern grasshopper mouse043570442
northern pika0140014
northern pocket gopher01140051
northern pygmy mouse910000109
northern red-backed vole01693070476
northern right whale dolphin06006
northern short-tailed shrew0845516902
northern tree shrew235106910324
northern yellow bat01001
northern/Eurasian lynx0140014
Norway rat / lab rat15389686711,161
Nubian ibex40004
Oaxacan big-toothed deer mouse110500115
Oldfield mouse1,06357840211,702
Ord's kangaroo rat0243027
other animals124,985247,454102,24711,790486,476
pacific pocket mouse15722100378
Pacific white-sided dolphin0990099
Palestine mole-rat00606
Pallas's long-tongued bat20002
Pallid bat571260102
Parnell's mustached bat0400040
Patagonian cavy / mara30003
cotton mouse05005
Pinyon mouse44417065
plains harvest mouse0110011
plains pocket gopher0170017
polar bear055010
prairie shrew02002
prairie vole10,79913,7344,4673,02832,028
prehensile-tailed porcupine20002
Przewalski's wild horse5377440426
puma / mountain lion / cougar82346077
pygmy killer whale01001
pygmy rabbit60006
pygmy squirrel00202
red bat086000860
red fox (includes silver fox & cross fox)898122120
red kangaroo70007
red squirrel0031031
red tree vole0840084
red wolf6020026
Reeve's muntjac00909
Richardson's ground squirrel01001
ring-tailed lemur50207
ringed seal18009
Roborovski's dwarf hamster1385200190
Rocky Mountain goat0016016
rodent (species unknown)013000130
sable antelope70007
San Bernardino kangaroo rat018980197
San Diego pocket mouse034100341
sea otter21219051
Seba's short-tailed bat405251020532
Seminole bat0430043
Senegal bushbaby03003
shadow chipmunk091700917
short-tailed chinchilla40004
shortfinned pilot whale0450045
silky pocket mouse0140014
silver-haired bat0820082
slender-tailed meerkat1400014
small Asian mongoose / Javan mongoose0093093
small Indian mongoose03422210563
smoky shrew04004
snowshoe hare013140135
southeastern bat0200020
southern bog lemming0120012
southern elephant seal00404
southern flying squirrel0864090
southern grasshopper mouse465500101
southern multimammate mouse003140314
southern plains woodrat0180018
southern red-backed vole037600376
southern short-tailed shrew010900109
spiny Mouse9043953761,486
spiny pocket mouse744392120995
spotted ground squirrel02002
St. Paul Island shrew0270027
star-nosed mole06006
Steller / Steller’s / northern sea lion07631010864
Stephen's kangaroo rat018900189
Stephens woodrat0150015
streaked tenrec00505
striped ground squirrel0390039
striped hyena60006
striped skunk11846913177
subantarctic fur seal0395220417
sugar glider63222230308
swift fox60006
Syrian / golden hamster0100010
tail-less tenrec002410241
Texas mouse01001
thicket rat2,1251,382003,507
thirteen-lined ground squirrel8763,005570304,481
Townsend's chipmunk034200342
tri-colored bat / eastern pipistrelle01001
Turkish spiny mouse / African spiny mouse1,678342487452,552
unknown bat species60012100721
Virginia opossum53146900289
Weddell seal00101
western grey squirrel0350035
western harvest mouse25467280520
western jumping mouse0100010
western mastiff bat / western bonneted bat2290031
western spotted skunk0239032
western tufted-tailed rat0230023
white rhinoceros11826045
white-footed mouse3,92812,6971,10616717,898
white-nosed coati90009
white-tailed antelope squirrel3300033
white-tailed deer1614,13443604,731
white-tailed prairie dog012890137
white-throated woodrat75322082
wild boar1092270204540
wild mouse463826301,292
Wilson's spiny mouse7261040128
wolf/dog hybrid00202
woodland jumping mouse030610307
woodland vole0330033
yellow armadillo60006
Yuma myotis01001
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